Advice for New Instructional Designers from Steve Lee, Co-Founder of Allen Interactions.

Anna Sabramowicz & Steve Lee

In this interview excerpt, Steve Lee, Co-founder & Strategic Relationship Manager at Allen Interactions shares his advice on the attitude and strategies novice, and one person instructional designers, can apply, so they too can develop meaningful and memorable elearning.

His advice is überpractical. Steve suggests new elearning development should begin with these key questions… especially if your challenge is managing a lot of supplied content and resources.

So, before you even open up any elearning software, ask these questions:

1. Can we talk about the mistakes the learner would make if they don’t know any of this stuff (i.e. content)?

2. How do we give the learner an interaction where they are just as likely to make a mistake as they are to get it right?

3. Can we start with an assessment, a well constructed set of multiple choice questions?

I just sat and listened as Steve dropped knowledge bombs and movie suggestions.