Do you know the basics of scenario-based elearning?

I’m Anna Sabramowicz, elearning consultant and advisor to leading companies and institutions including adidas, Harvard, Sony, Rubbermaid, and Michelin.

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I think you especially will dig her balance of instructional design virtuosity, creativity, and pragmatism.”

Alexa WallsAlexa Walls, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Anna patiently guided us through the process, encouraged creativity, and ensured the module met our learning objectives.”

Frances NolanFrances Nolan, Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health

Is The Elearning You Design Today BORING YOUR LEARNERS?

Here’s the truth about elearning:

There are WAY too many people in instructional design that think today’s whiz-bang technology is enough.

They say, “If I use a ‘template’, people will be engaged.”

If only it were that easy…

If you’re serious about elearning that really influences people, you need to be strategic about how you design.

Otherwise, what you’re doing is “spray and pray”: applying random tactics and hoping for the best.

Well, today I’m going to show you a blueprint that almost guarantees you’ll generate high ROI on elearning projects.

In fact, I recently used this strategy (“The Scenario-Based Elearning Mastery Blueprint”) to quadruple my clients’ overall success rate over the industry average.

The best part? It’s a simple, 6-step formula.

The formula takes hard work. But it’s not complicated. And it’s one of the surest ways I’ve discovered to deliver better results and engage too.

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