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Learn how to develop engaging training in this in-depth instructional design (ID) workshop.

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About this workshop

The ID Tool Belt workshop enables people and organizations to make the wisest possible investment of their time and energy to produce breakthrough results through training.

How does the ID Tool Belt workshop work?


Two days.


Teaches the mindset, skillset and toolset of active and adult learning for participants to make the wisest possible investment of their time, energy and resources in training solutions.

Learning Style

Participants design, debate, share, vote, critique, discuss, think and think again. The workshop is interactive and interesting from the first moment to the last activity.

What to expect from the ID Tool Belt workshop?

Participants learn how to:

  1. Identify strategies that help adults learn; troubleshoot how to apply these strategies in different contexts.
  2. Discover how to support staff learning at different levels of competence- from novice to expert with multichannel options (online, face to face, virtually, and on the job)
  3. Apply the active learning strategy (questions, discussions, role play, scenarios, collaboration, spaced learning, and mastery) to create engaging training.
  4. Discover resources currently available in house that can be leveraged to support or augment upcoming learning initiatives.
  5. Leverage the expertise of the group to solve training and performance problems and create a community of champions.

Experts on Anna Sabramowicz

The webinar met and exceeded my expectations. It showed me that I still have to learn more about elearning and its secret paths. Thank you again for the references and the zest you always provide.”

Mustafa Abdel Gawad, Instructional Designer

Nour Academy

Your overall approach to engage your audience from the very inception of your webinar, and with your questions, personalizing the experience, your amazing (detail oriented) preparation level, etc. You’re a model to me!”

François Ronaï, Président

Solutions Komuna

I liked that you asked for questions in advance and then had replies for those questions embedded into the presentation. I also liked how you monitored the chat feature and responded to a lot of that stuff pretty-much real-time. That’s great.”

Jeffrey Dalto, Instructional Designer

Convergence Training
Anna Sabramowicz

About the Facilitator

Anna consults and teaches about the intersection of adult learning, technology, and the ROI of training. She has worked with adidas, Harvard, ABB Group, Sony, Rubbermaid and Michelin and designed a course called, “Designing Elearning Scenarios”.

Anna maximizes (and multiplies) subject matter expertise, optimizes resources, and leverages elearning. This skillset allows her to create a context where working adults can become more skillful, and, most importantly, stay motivated.

Organizations, teams, and individuals have benefited from Anna’s innovative perspective, which advocates for learner-centered design and results driven training.

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